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I'm putting my work online
Attention Friends! For those you who don't know, I have been working on a novel entitled "I Must Be an Alien" for a month shy of a year now. I am not pleased with where I've gotten on the thing, but I'm still moving along on it. I really need some critiquing on it, so I have opened up a new livejournal by the name of aliensnlove . So look up aliensnlove under search and you'll find a girl by the name of Motzenbacker Kussinboos who will post up one chapter of mine each day. If a day goes by without a chapter being posted, it will be because I have not written anything new, but hopefully that will not be a problem. Aside from critiques, this is also an attempt to pace myself while I write. Yes, losthitsuzen I stole this idea from you.

Fans of star trek, I implore you!

Fans of star treks, I implore you!

whosdaboss is running a ultimate showdown mathchup pitting various entities together. Today is the finals. The top two condenders are
Q and Buddha
Seed 13 vs. Elite 4 - Science Fiction / Fantasy

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The count is currently in the favor of buddha, i think, and that upsets me greatly. So rally all startrek fans and reply to whosdaboss here.

Vote Q, for the win, ultimate champion.
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OK, so I was reading Stuff magazine (heh) and it said "Sean has a secret, go to this sinister website to find it out" or something, with a link to yourethemannowdog.com. Which appeared to me, to be a picture of Sean Connery, with audio repeating of him saying that. So I clicked in the corner and went to http://ytmnd.com/sites/profile/1, the site profile or whatever..and there are all these user comments, talking about how legendary it is, it has spawned so many copiers,etc..I just wanted to know..am I missing something? Is "you're the man now dog"/ytmnd what I saw? The way the people talked about it..I mean, someone put it up there with goatse. And I loved goatse. I considered myself pretty dorky, and I just don't know how I didn't know about this, nor do I understand its greatness.
Thank you to anyone who can clue me in!
Ryu Depp (wasurenaikara)
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Help send a fellow dork to Otakon

Even though it pains me to do it... I'm selling one of my more prized possesions to raise money. I hope it finds a good home with a truly devoted fan such as I. Just click the picture and follow the link to the auction for more details.

Questions about the item, I will respond to both comments and emails (chachamaru @ gmail.com)

May the force be with you.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Events of this RPG take place 4 years after the events of Nemesis.

The Federation has created a new class of Starship, the Rostam Class, with the pioneer ship being the USS Rostam, NX-89174. Fresh out of drydock, the prototype
has only had its shakedown cruise completed when it is given its first mission: destroy or capture a Species 8472 starbase which recently appeared near Alpha
Virginis with a fleet of 8472 attack ships. The USS Rostam, along with the USS George Washington, USS Hercules, and the USS Scaevola, destroy the 8472
attackers but the mysterious starbase is taken as a prize.

The mysterious starbase has a verteron emiter in it and it opens a stable
wormhole, not across the galaxy, but to an entirely different galaxy, the R15
Galaxy. The USS Rostam is made the flagship of the R15 Fleet, which is small at
first, but the new wormhole could be the answer to the growing Federation
population problem.

Along with his intrepid crew, Captain Sash explores and defends the new frontier, but dangerous new enemies bark at the gate, and the Rostam may be all
that stands between the new colonists and destruction. If they fail, the newly settled worlds, and maybe the entire Milky-Way Galaxy, could be in peril.

Go to http://www.geocities.com/uss_rostam to join the crew in this instant action chat-based RPG! Positions open on the senior staff and Elite Force!

Rise of the Empire (SWRPG)

Hello all. I saw this group on livejournal and thought I'd get involved, as I'm a Star Wars fan as many of you seem to be. I thought I'd let you all know that I am a part of a Star Wars RPG group that is online based and just getting off the ground. Our release date is scheduled for May 1st, and we're trying to get as many people to join as possible. If any of you are interested in joining, go ahead and register on the forums.

Our group uses the official d20 RPG rules created by Wizards of the Coast, but don't worry, we're all a friendly bunch, so even if you aren't terribly familiar with the rules, they're very accessible and there're lots of people to help you learn them. Very soon, some of the rules will even be posted on the website to make the game even easier to get into. Since our release date isn't until May 1st, none of you have missed anything.

Just to let you all know, it's played in an alternate universe, so there's no Vader or Han Solo. It's like that so that the players can rise up and become the heroes or villains of the galaxy, and in this community,
if you're bold enough you might rise to the fame and stature of Luke Skywalker. The game is played in AIM chat rooms, and AIM can be downloaded for free and used by anyone.

If any of you are interested, please register on our forums and start talking to us.
Our website is: www.swrote.com. Thanks!

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Hey everyone, I just thought I'd take this time to promote a brand new rp that my friends and I have started.

It would be reaaaally great if you and your friends would come to it =]

Also, since it's brand new, most of the characters are still available, and... well... this being a "dork" community, I thought you might be interested. <<

So heres the link to the info page. Please, come and bring your friends. You'll have a great time.

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Halo Fan Fic

I figured this would be a nice place to post part of my old fan fiction. I wrote this fan fiction back about three years ago. I've rewritten alot of it in the past few days. Nothing to exciting. If you want to read more I continue the story on my livejournal.


A chill went down Marcus's spine as the UNSC battlenet went array with distress signals. A frigate escaping the battle over reach had been pursued deeper into human controlled space by a horde of covenant battle cruisers. Reach was the first inner colony to fall, this frigate had been ordered to mislead their fleet back into outer colony space. High command felt it was necessary to sacrifice this outer colony to hold our civilizations deepest secret...Earth. Marcus; a tall slender man in his mid thirties watched as part of the pursuing covenant fleet broke off into orbit around Nexus an old human colony located in the holt solar system deep in the far reaches of space. It was already too late for the inhabitants of the doomed planet. The ships began to dimly glow as their main guns drew power and prepared to fire upon the planet. A bit of static caused by the massive buildup of covenant energy weapons then a sudden blinding flash as the energy was unleashed. There was dreadful silence among the bridge crew as plasma splashed along the planets surface. All distress signals from the surface were all silenced once the hot liquid plasma reached the main populace. "Atleast they were granted a fast and painless death" Marcus thought to himself. All life would be completely wiped out as the entertwined orbit of the covenant fleet continued its bombardment of the planet. "We've recieved a encrypted message from high command" a communication officer spoke up "It's Urgent". Marcus broke off his stare of com screen and took a second to regain himself then walked slowly into his private office to recieve the transmission. He was aware of the fact that he, his crew, and ship were expendable and that this transmission would likely seal his fate.


Hope you enjoyed it.
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