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Alden Coleman is an anagram for Called No Name

Fans of star trek, I implore you!

Fans of star treks, I implore you!

whosdaboss is running a ultimate showdown mathchup pitting various entities together. Today is the finals. The top two condenders are
Q and Buddha
Seed 13 vs. Elite 4 - Science Fiction / Fantasy

John De Lance wanders over to the board and notices the trite conversations mentioning Buddah as better than Q. He snaps his fingers and instantly before the audience a pre-transcendent Buddah appears. Then he snaps his fingers again. Now Buddah is a lightbulb. The lightbulb turns on. Good job, now Buddah is lightnened. or something. Snap. The lightbulb burns out. Snap. The lightbulb is gone, replaced with empty space. Forget buddah. Sure, enlightenment is nice and all, But Q could create enlightenment personified. During a state of enlightenment you make your own decisions based on your own intelligence, without the input of others. Doesnt that sound like what Q does on a continuing basis?

The count is currently in the favor of buddha, i think, and that upsets me greatly. So rally all startrek fans and reply to whosdaboss here.

Vote Q, for the win, ultimate champion.
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